Localization: a job for specialists, our core business.

This activity is more than just simple translation. It involves adapting content or a product for a specific linguistic and cultural context and is essentially technical in nature.

From software content to graphics and other multimedia applications, there is no end to the number of products that need to be localized:

  • Software and programs, mobile apps
  • User help systems and online help
  • Websites and web applications
  • Videos and multimedia presentations
  • Training and e-learning, etc.

Localization often includes the integration and testing phases of target versions, making it a job for experts: translators, graphic designers and illustrators, testers, engineers, project managers, and more.

We leverage all of these skills and expertise to meet the growing needs of global companies and provide solutions that leave you with a finished product.

Multilingual localization

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Specialized translators

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Localization and quality

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Localization and technology

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